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Karen Sue Jarrett, 74, Greentown, passed away at p.m.on Wednesday, February 27, 2019, at Century Villa Health Care in Greentown.Next we headed around the corner to Molly Moon’s Ice Cream for some double stacked cones. Karen and Jarrett had their first, second and third dates at this ice cream shop, and the LOVE window display couldn’t have been more perfect! I’m sure if he really wanted to do it he could, but he’s just not a TNA guy anymore.If anyone deserves a TNA Hall of Fame induction though, it’s AJ Styles.Karen was a 1962 graduate of Northwestern High School and attended Ball State University.

Dating within the wrestling business seems to happen a lot.

It’s just a shame the company is not even noteworthy enough for talent to care.

Of course this doesn’t mean Styles won’t return at some point on the future.

How will ROH compare to TNA, and will both promotions impress the network enough to keep them around?

I had so much fun re-living some of Karen & Jarrett’s first date spots during their engagement session!

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