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They were lifelong Utah fans, season-ticket holders, alumni — Wilson’s parents had seats adjacent to Utah coach Kyle Whittingham’s family on the 50-yard line — so leaving the Utes was like going through a divorce.

The irony is that they are the reason he plays for BYU.

The family’s garage is still filled with Boise gear (if you’re in the market for a 0 BSU-themed cornhole game, call now), and they posted a Boise flag in front of the house and bought Boise apparel. He wanted to be home for Tuesday night dinners, when his beloved grandparents have a standing invitation. But interest among local schools was tepid at best. Whittingham later told the Wilsons that in making an offer to another hotshot prep quarterback, Jack Tuttle, he had promised not to talk to any other quarterbacks (Tuttle transferred after one season).

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They were singing Christmas carols at a Neeleman family party when suddenly, all of them — Neeleman uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents — broke out with the Cougar Fight Song.

Many of them were ardent Utah fans, but they were telling Zach they were behind him if that was the school he chose.

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