Jet setter dating

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The app Tinder literally just shows you photos of potential matches.

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Safety first, he was recommended by a Twitter follower I didn’t know! I selected him out of interest, to see whether he would select me back (and whether he recognised me as the girl he had been scheduling a date with).The added bonus of Tinder is that it only lets you speak to them if they have indicated they also find you attractive. And so it is no surprise that my Tinder dates have all been relatively attractive- because I had to swipe ‘yes’ to their photos in order to speak to them to arrange the dates.But the surprise aspect of all my Tinder dates has been just how eligible and well-brought up they’ve all been!Read More A break up is always tough, a bad break up is the worst.You begin to ask yourself a lot of personal questions and pick yourself apart when the truth is, it’s not anything to do with you – you two were just not ...

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