How to talk to intimidating girls

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The task led to a drop in men’s implicit self-esteem, as did news that their girlfriend outscored them on a social-intelligence test.“It’s more of a gut reaction of negativity, not a thought-out response,” Ratliff explains.

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Thankfully for us, we've got tons of Reddit forums that teach us what real men are actually thinking, and it couldn't be more helpful.This time, they had to rate their degree of closeness to their partner beforehand, as well as afterward, which made them reflect on the warmth and affection they felt for each other.For those who were close to their lovers, the news of that person’s superior test results appeared to actually activate feelings of connectedness and an affirmation of the relationship’s value. “The more the male partner can focus his thoughts on the ‘team’ aspect of the relationship, the better he copes,” says Rebecca Pinkus, a psychologist at Western Sydney University who researches strategies that couples use to overcome divisive comparison.Asked to reflect on a girlfriend’s failures, however, their self-esteem increased, as did their perceived odds of being together in the longterm.(Female self-esteem, meanwhile, was unaffected by a partner’s success.) Not every fellow has the confidence of actor George Clooney, who calls his wife Amal, an accomplished international lawyer, his intellectual superior and himself her “arm candy.” Men often feel they need to defend their status as competent and competitive, Park explains, and being outperformed is a threat.

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