How to stop dating jerks forum dating rules

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When not working in IT/Marketing, Amy can be found singing cabaret/jazz throughout the city, tucked away in her living room watching movie or writing or gallivanting throughout Chicago with her pals.Her hobbies include, writing, singing, laughing, Netflix binges, and long walks on the beach.Lovers that never call, never show up, disappear, and frankly do not even care.The truth, however, is an entirely different story. These relationships lack emotional challenge and deep down, I know this is why I keep choosing them. Though they do sometimes hurt me, they affect me in a way that is oddly within my comfort zone – albeit a F’ed up comfort zone. I seem to exclusively pursue unavailable men who pay me little regard and are simply uninterested in a future with me.The way I describe this phenomenon to others paints a picture of victimhood: I am a poor, sweet damsel who has been burned by one too many lovers.Are you someone who has a history of falling for men who turn out to be what we call “jerks?

In the process, we lock ourselves away from the world and our natural ability to love and be loved.

Though my issues manifest differently, they produce the same inability to experience honest intimacy and breed perpetuated singleness.

This perspective shows me that I am no different from the crappy men I fall for.

It means finding security in our insecurities and allowing people to see and accept the delicate state of our hearts even though we are terrified. Emotions connect us to humanity and we cannot and should not discount the power of vulnerability.

All things start small, but slow and steady wins the race. I can blame singledom on my unlucky stars all day long, which I do ALL the time, trust me.

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