Hmong dating single parent dating coventry connecticut

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Here, in the US, he may tell the girl he wants to take her out and instead take her to his house.

In Asia, he may come to her house when her parents are not home and literally carry or drag her home with the help of male friends or relatives.

Additionally, the groom may rape his kidnapped bride so that she will be too shameful to go back home because now, she is damaged goods. Remember that the Hmong culture values family and reputation.

And everything you do, you have to think about saving your family’s face or their reputation.

So, you don’t go to the police and you marry the man who kidnapped and raped you.

And if you had accepted a gift from him, society put the blame on you.

It is normal to see age gaps between Hmong married couples.

The second one is the most common way couples get married.

When a man is interested in marrying someone, he gives her a gift.

Additionally, the bride price was an assurance for the bride’s family that the groom will treat her with respect.

The higher the bride price, the higher the value of a bride, the more her family expects her new husband to treat her well.

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