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the ways of treating the questions they pose – to the individual as well as to the society – vary from age to age and from place to place.

It is one of the distinctive features of Greek thought to have given, before any other western tradition, a rationalistic response to these questions.

The woman produces a seed that only serves as food for the embryo.There is no reason to doubt the historical existence of this physician and author, born into a family of Asclepiadai (i.e., a lineage claiming descent from the god Asclepius, associated with medicine) in which medical knowledge was transmitted.But this is by no means to say that he was the author of all the works handed down under his name.They were especially preoccupied with the question of generation, reflecting on the origin of “seed,” on whether or not a maternal “seed” existed, on the formation of the embryo (and more specifically on the determination of its sex), and on heredity.Since their books have not come down to us, it is difficult to reconstruct their thought.

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