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Murtaugh said, ‘too old for this.'"However, this might not be happening now...during its ninth season, his character was locked farewell to co-leader of the Phoenix Foundation Jack Dalton (George Eads) in the Friday, February 1 episode.In "Father Bride Betrayal," viewers learned that former CIA agent Dalton once tracked a terrorist named Tiberius Kovacs, who was believed to be dead but whose body was never found.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Eads stormed off the set of the series, now in season three, following an altercation back in October, but is back at work.

In a series of tweets, the actress announced her plans to leave the comedy, but maintained she would be back.

She even used Emmy Rossum's farewell letter to family.

They totally ignore all the endearing quirks that made us want to watch the series.

Sadly, no matter how much he tries, Lucas Til is simply NOT a young Richard Dean Anderson.

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