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Several every day, all exhorting me to 1) click on the website and 2) pay a subscription to read these letters. Read Full Review FRIENDS REUNITED DATING What can I say about this dating site apart from its a COMPLETE waste of money.I paid £18 for one month and renewed it for six months at the same price all the time.Read Full Review Others have said it but i will say it too, FAR TOO MANY DEAD PROFILES!!!I did find a couple of friends from it so not all bad.Read Full Review I have been using FRD for about 4 weeks now.I have received several hundred winks / hugs / kisses etc.

My photo took 3 days to be accepted, during this time i had several views, but due to there being to photo, they moved on and did not revisit my profile.After signing up for the 3-day trial I've been cancelling the automatic subscription renewal (after 2 days).I've had to phone to do this and found it surprisingly complicated, more so than with other sites.I was unfortunate enough to get into communication with two of them.I consider myself to be highly intelligent and streetwise, however I managed to get sucked in by their smoooth talk.

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