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However, driving in France is an adventure in and of itself, so you may be better off hiring a driver, especially if you plan to drink substantially during your tastings.

October and November, grape harvest season, may be crowded, but shouldn't necessarily be avoided if you want to see the wine-making in action.

In towns small and large throughout France's wine regions, wine boutique owners invite you in off the street to try some wine and peddle you highly marked-up bottles.

Champagne, which is situated close to Belgium and Luxembourg, is the most northern and coldest of the French wine regions, which together with chalky soils provide the ideal circumstances for creating its eponymous sparkling wine that now goes hand in hand with celebrations around the world.

Gabi Logan began writing food and travel articles in 2004.

Logan's work has appeared in Boston-area online magazines, including "The Second Glass" and "The Savvy Bostonian," and in publications at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Those interested in stupendous vineyard views along with a wine tasting should plan a trip between March and May.

Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne are France's three most notable – and correspondingly most expensive – wine regions.

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