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It's less about "I have this idea, if anyone with background X thinks this is cool and wants to help me out, feel free to get in touch".

Its a subtle difference, but I think it makes a big difference to not trying to 'force it' You are potentially going to be business-marrying this person for the next decade of your life.

Successfully running a startup in Nigeria can be quite difficult, especially when you're doing it on your own.

That’s why Daily Kobo have partnered with Workstation to bring you this speed dating so you could meet your dream business partner!

(To clarify, I am a tech founder.)Is there any evidence that this actually works to create a great founding team? Relatedly, might it be better to be a solo founder than to find a co-founder you don't already know well? I was on Founder Dating for at least a couple months last year actively looking. The only thing that works is that you need to be "out there" looking. I think the problem with these founder dating type sites is that starting a company really isn't like "dating" at all, its more like a marriage.

I've been on Co Founders Lab and Founder Dating and there are some quality people on the sites but nothing meaningful ever materialized.It's not about finding THE co-founder that particular evening.Network effects (friends of friends) are very powerful.I'm not really sure how you solve this problem, or if sites like Co Founders Lab can solve the problem.I've met up with a few people from these sites for drinks and coffee to bounce ideas around, but nothing really went further than that.

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