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Mitra and Nima are struggling to make ends meet, their relationship in desperate need of rekindling. Thirteen year-old Bemani struggles to deal with his parents' divorce in this striking coming-of-age film by Houman Seyyedi.Abused by his peers at school, Bemani seeks comfort in a group of older kids from the wrong side of the tracks.In the wake of her husband's death, headstrong widow Reyhan (Fereshtei Sadre Orafaei) longs to re-open his successful border cafe, despite rigid social standards that explicitly discourage her from doing so.Isolated from her friends and neighbours for her fervent efforts to resurrect the business, ...Gripping race-against-time drama which pulsates with tension from start to finish.Desperate to save the life of her brother Saeed, Niloofar must pay 100 million Tomans in three days.When she is sexually assaulted by the corrupt Jaami, her sister's piano teacher, Mastaneh appeals to the courts for justice and a fair trial. This fascinating moral thriller is centered on the bristling relationship between two very different young women in contemporary Tehran.

The spirited Nabat and her brother Sadeq are the first to join him, and while it is not clear what their incessant squabbling is about, it is...

In the summer of 1979, during a big crisis in a city in southwest of the country, Dr.

Mostapha Chamran, a well known Iranian guerilla along with General Fallahi, commander land forces, enters the city to evaluate the situation.

However, when they face an opportunity, they go to Thailand instead and happen to meet an old friend which ruins everything for them8-year-old Maneli, is living with her single father in Tehran.

Due to some evidence she suspects that her father wants to marry a woman who has a 7- year-old son.

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