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Weirdly it makes me feel that even though we ended up getting divorced, I married the right person.” In the film, “writing” is described as “experience strained through imagination”.

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She became known for an insightful, acerbic voice, for forming close bonds with people she interviewed (a gift that remains: she asks me about my life and background before I ask my first question about hers), for her books – including her 2011 memoir Your Voice in My Head, which in part examined her relationship with the actor Colin Farrell.So much art explores women with vices, problems, but in Untogether there is none of that common, romanticised spiralling of reckless behaviour.“Women especially can have a sense of emotional bulimia,” Forrest says. It comes with that: no feeling is final.” Forrest has long been vocal about her use of talking therapy (Your Voice…Even the good and kind and interesting ones are fools.I don’t know why anyone would give a column to a teenager.

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