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The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) has documented more than 230 LGBTQ-related arrests from October 2013 to March 2017, which is more than in the previous 13 years combined.

For those in the community, the threat of violence is hard to escape.

He was taken to the Forensic Authority, where doctors examined his anus for signs of sexual activity, but there was still no real evidence of a crime.

After three weeks, he was convicted of crimes related to debauchery and sentenced to a year in prison.

Homosexuality isn’t illegal in Egypt, but the LGBTQ community has become a useful scapegoat for the el-Sisi regime, and the General Directorate for Protecting Public Morality is being used to jail and prosecute anyone perceived as committing a transgression.

Even when the charges don’t stick, charges can be used as a pretense for public humiliation, weeks of imprisonment, or even deportation.

Firas knew something was wrong when he saw the checkpoint.

How an app is built can make a crucial difference in those cases.When the day came to meet, he was late — so late that Firas almost called the whole thing off.At the last minute, his date pulled up in a car and offered to take Firas directly to his apartment.They had met online, part of a growing community of gay Egyptians using services like Grindr, Hornet, and Growler, but this was their first time meeting in person.The man had been aggressive, explicitly asking Firas to bring condoms for the night ahead.

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