Dropbox mac not auto updating

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All I want to do is move my files out of dropbox into my ordinary device storage.It only gives me the option to download and view my files inside the app. I have found out how to properly download my files.In short, there is no way to stop Dropbox from updating itself.When it is running, it will constantly check for updates.Way back in the 90s when I was an undergraduate, I worked as a lab assistant in a campus computer lab.Primarily my work there consisted of scanning lab users’ 3.5-inch floppy disks for viruses, assisting with file conversions between Mac and PC file types, showing users how to map their computer to the campus servers to retrieve their fancy new electronic mail, and a whole host of other, now entirely obsolete, tasks.

Short of having to tell local vagrants that if they weren’t students they could not sleep in the 24-hour computer lab, consoling those who’d lost work due to viruses, file corruptions, computer shutdowns, or save errors was definitely the most difficult part of that job.

Any local tweaks/ permissions/ Group Policy related mechanism(s) / ideas?

Bonus: Ideally, I'd like to start with my machine and then be able to scale/ implement this solution across a small network of machines on a Domain.

This article will walk you through the process of syncing files between multiple computers using Dropbox.

We’d be lost without Dropbox—it’s an indispensable part of our digital toolbox.

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