Do i have an intimidating personality

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And yes, those with strong personalities are not afraid to tell others exactly what they think.

This is especially true when they are trying to focus on something important and get interrupted by someone’s lame attempt to start a small talk.

Instead, try to get the job done or fix the problem.

Others may find your unwillingness to listen to ungrounded complains intimidating, but they should know that strong personalities don’t pander to weak-willed individuals.

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While being someone people can count on should be a good thing, many people are intimidated by the idea that you do what you said you would do.

Your career may have had a few hiccups, and your relationships may be trademarked by tension.

Nonetheless, your independent way of thinking isn’t wrong. You might have noticed that people are cautious when you approach them.

They really just don’t have the time to be bothered with the trivialities of life.

One of the undisputed advantages of having a strong personality and a daring mind is that you are able to see opportunities where others see closed doors. This trait can help you survive (and thrive) when times get tough.

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