David duchovny dating gillian anderson

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The couple has two children together, West, 15, and Miller, 12."We live five blocks away from each other," Duchovny told the mag.

David Duchovny and his rumored 24-year-old girlfriend are hitting spin classes together in Vancouver.

A few years later, the conspiracy got a second wind when it was revealed that Duchovny and Anderson…were suddenly friends!

Turns out having a break from filming healed old wounds.

We saw each other more than either of us saw our partners.

(Obviously, yes, it became the headline.) Anderson's reaction is ridiculous.

They also sat for a Jimmy Kimmel interview where they giggled, rubbed arms and Anderson had a laughing fit when Kimmel asked about their previous feud.

This type of behavior has fans wondering about them more than ever, and they're frequently asked about their relationship.

At the same time, Duchovny continues to be shocked to get the question, saying "There seems to be a certain kind of Twitter contingent that wants us to be together.

It's odd to me, because I've never had the fantasy of wanting two people together that aren't, or are." About two weeks ago, Anderson "crisply" asked, "Is that going to be the headline of this interview?

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