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There are millions of singles that want to meet that special someone to share their life with. When you are young the expectation is that you will meet the right partner, build a life together and grow old together. I don’t think there are many that get into a serious long term relationship with the intention of it only lasting for a few years before they move on to someone else, especially in a marriage partnership.

When people are thinking about getting back into the dating scene, especially after the age of 50 there are a number of major things that they think about even though they may not openly discuss them with others.

They sometimes have difficulty coming to terms with the reality that they have also aged and changed a lot over the years.

Looking at yourself and seeing you as others may see you and coming to terms with the fact you are not in your youth anymore takes a bit of getting used to.

If you have spent the past 20-30 years or so building your life with someone else, to then think about creating a life with another person that you may not have even met yet, or someone that maybe a stranger to you right now is not easy. • They are concerned about how others will view them if they pursue a new relationship.

• They worry about what others would think, especially their kids.

The same applies with some older women; they want to meet some young, fit, attractive guy while they may be frumpy, unfit, and not taking pride in their appearance.

• Can’t decide what they are looking for in a relationship-in general you need to want the same things to be in with a chance.

• Not willing to be vulnerable and honest-if you can’t be vulnerable and open up how will anyone get to know the real you?

• Making unfair comparisons with their previous partners- being stuck here is not at all helpful.

It is very common to have a man wanting to meet an attractive, slim, young woman when they themselves have a big gut, and a bald head.

Not to say that this could not happen, it could and does happen, especially if the man has a lot of other things going for him, like power and influence, or lots of money.

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