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When this same scenario replays over and over again and the child’s emotional development matures some, or gets used to it, they learn how to tune this out and it stops having the same effect on them.

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I’ve discussed at length, with the Narcissists I counsel, about how a healthy person is responsible for their own self-worth and self-esteem and that another person’s inability to see their worth doesn’t alter its value. They are dependent upon other people to give them their worth.

All of them cognitively understand the concept, but none of them can integrate it into their lives. I can tell myself (what other people think) doesn’t mean anything, but it never works.

It’s almost like they can walk along a path of reality only so far and then something happens, inside of them, that refuses to see themselves as anything but superior and grandiose, even when presented with undeniable facts to the contrary.

Many believe this is the Narcissist’s false self in action.

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