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10 times more views and 6 times duration compared to a regular boost').

The times I tried this in-app purchase, it was always around the same time, same day, on a Tinder recommended time.

if you don't like to listen to suggestions then why would you ask for one???? my point was if I swipe a person 3 times left means I'm not interested in this person so don't bring it up again as its waste of time everyday swiping the same people.

as i found some interesting people while using tinder i must say that there are too many scammers.

I am certainly familiar with deviations in certain features, but this time i most definetely call scam on Tinder.

Advertising something which does exactly the same, for 8 (! After contacting Apple they recommended me to contact Tinder (2 times in a row), the only answers i got was to contact Apple and (more or less) that they don't want anything to do with this, not their responsibility.

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It's good that apps like these exist, but they need to cater better to women.I'm sure I've missed a few remote countries in this list) Final stats: 82 matches open chats and 7 unopened Tinder occasionally send men a fake to inspire you to buy the product...that's when your problems really begin. You get less swipes every day to try to force you to buy the unlimited swipe membership. So,for the last two weeks I swipe LIKE for EVERY profile.They have zero customer or email..get referred to a site called get human that charges per month..make it non recurring....all you get is a chat with a card company considers the entire tinder operation a fraud and instantly refunded me. I put up a picture of some unbelievably handsome guy and wrote a brief lovely profile that would make me look like the catch of the century and I know what I'm doing as 20 years of being a marketing executive...After swiping in over 60 countries and cities, literally hundreds of matches (some I still haven't even messaged), here's a few things I've taken away from Tinder After one full month of Tinder Gold they're a few conclusions: 1. The latter would more come into a service which is another thing Tider is just used for.Their customer service SUCKS (even for paid members). Primarily escorts and massage therapy are highly publicised here.

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