Dating trust your instincts

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Contrary to popular belief, there is no golden algorithm to dating.

Even in your own experiences, you’ll find that with each new relationship the “rules” change. There are factors like feelings, culture, and background that must find their way around each other, and with every new partner, that process starts all over again.

We second guess ourselves too often, but in the dating world, it’s how we organically feel at the time that carries us the farthest.

If she’s not texting you back after you keep texting her (cause, remember, it’s what you really wanted to do) she’s probably not into you.The one caveat to fully trusting your instincts is separating them from your emotions, which is the last thing you want to base your decisions on.As opposed to instincts, emotions are wrapped up in your insecurities, experiences, past relationships, and all other factors that may cause you to act irrationally.What worked for your best pal and his girl may not translate over to you and your girl, and what went wrong in your last relationship may be perfectly fine in your new one.This is why it’s imperative to keep a firm grasp on our dating instincts if we are to ever want to feel comfortable dating.

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