Dating someone with opposing political views

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Do you really want to know where she stands on gun control?

You definitely don’t want to go negative on your profile, because that can backfire.That being said, on what date should you bring up your political views with her? Are you super invested in politics and your viewpoint? ”I’d say it’s unlikely for a relationship to last if you’re extremely opposed to each other when it comes to politics.Then you might want to bring it up on the second date. However, if neither of you are that extreme, then having political differences might not be that big of a deal.If you do, you’ll come across as a man who doesn’t have a backbone. By being upfront about your politics in a brief, conversational way (no rants, please! If you’re too agreeable with everyone, you’ll bore everyone, which means you’ll become forgettable.) you’ll show her that you’re not afraid to be yourself, and that you won’t compromise who you are just to satisfy someone else — even her. And if you think mentioning politics in your profile is too “polarizing,” just look at President Trump. To this day, people either love him or hate him — there’s little ambivalence there. No matter how you feel about him, he’s fully committed to his point of view.

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