Dating of mahabharata and ramayana

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My article here taking up Oak’s theory of shift in the position of Arundhati, it can happen only under 2 circumstances. If the earth reverses its direction of rotation, the stars in the circumpolar constellation (Ursa Major) will reverse the direction in which Arundhati will move in front of Vasistha. What Oak says is with reference to change in equinoctial position or change in poles over 26000 years.

The change in equinox – showing a shift in poles can be in understood by this figure.

Many have attempted to date the Mahabharata war and Ramayana taking inputs from the two Epics.

Mr Nilesh Oak ( ) is one among them who has dated Mahabharata war at 5561 BCE and Rama- Ravana war at 12,209 BCE. 3102 BC is the basis of time frame all these 5000 yrs used by rishis & ancestors in Sankalpa for yajnas, puja and lakhs of times everyday even today. Our attempt should be to locate this date matching with hints given by Vyasa in MB.

Because we took only 3 factors that we are so sure about and they had existed at another date also.

Massive waves that hit Dwaraka could have been caused by an asteroid hit off the coast of Madagascar 5000 yrs ago. UT23f Vfsg ZI The chevrons around Madagascar testify this.

It marked the end of Ice age when Himalayas was heavily snow clad.

Warmth flowed from south to north starting from 11,000 yrs to 7000 yrs. In Oak’s scheme, Vedic civilization goes beyond 15,000 yrs ago.

Around the same time of these sightings, a comet had hit Austria.

A Cuneiform tablet prepared in 700 BC explains a meteor-fall 5000 years ago in Austria. But description including the deviation of Arundhati and deer image of the moon is possible due change in the refractive index of the atmosphere caused to particles thrown in the air by meteor-hit.

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