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Winchester found itself rapidly losing market share to the more modern designs.Winchester engineer Thomas Crosley Johnson, a man credited with more than 120 patents and much of the groundwork that led to the legendary Model 70 rifle, was tasked to come up with this new hammerless model.Johnson’s concept took a solid block of steel and milled it out to accommodate the receiver.The six-shot tubular magazine fed through the bottom opening and into the chamber.All of the guns made before 1964 were milled and machined from solid steel to a glorious slickness.Winchester pushed the guns out to its salesmen and to good effect, becoming one of the most popular shotguns of its day.Herb Parsons, a well-known exhibition shooter, would often break seven clays thrown into the air with one of these shotguns, firing one round per clay.

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Winnie 12 parts are widely available from Sarco, Numrich and others.Pre-1966 made guns will be all numeric serial numbers (e.g.1962001) while those made after 1972, the so-called ‘New Style Model 12’ with stamped parts, will begin with a letter prefix (e.g. Nice pre-1964 collectable guns usually start at about 0 and move up from there with a premium being given for heavy barrel guns, guns with factory engravings, and early 3-inch magnum duck getters.Remember, 28-gauge guns will be the rarest of all and guns made before 1927 will have 2.5-inch chambers so be careful about shooting these old birds until you check them out.Former military shotguns run crazy expensive in the past decade.

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