Dating men with motorcycles

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First and foremost, If you're lucky enough that your man brings you around his club or to an event; LISTEN and DO WHATEVER he tells you to do.

There are rules, structure, and hierarchies that come into play.

Because that’s the path to more arguments than you ever dreamed you could fit into an average week.

Bikers love their motorcycles with a fierce, burning passion. The motorcycle is a non-negotiable presence in their lives. Just try any of these comments, and watch the sparks fly.

You'll soon make loads of friends and may even meet that special someone in the process - Bonus!

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It can be a way for you to head off on shared adventures.

It’s really selfish of you to keep spending money on the bike when we need a new car. I wish you’d wear a proper shirt when we go out to dinner. If you’re brave enough to experiment with too many of these little gems, you’ll need to leave town until the heat dies down. It might help to see the situation through new eyes: That motorcycle in the garage is actually a good thing. The bike doesn’t have to be an obstacle that gets in the way of your relationship.

It really helps if you don’t see the motorcycle as The Enemy. You know, I’ve noticed that you have more photos of your bike than of me… It can be a source of shared joy, not a topic for another argument. In this article we’ll talk about the hidden benefits of dating a biker – the ones that aren’t so obvious, but, man, do they make a change. When a guy owns a motorcycle it’s like instant attraction points added: bikers are perceived as rebellious, sexy, powerful, but at the same time they’re socially acceptable and they’re very, very desirable as such.In fact, has done a survey that found out a very interesting fact: the word “motorcycle” was the second most frequently used search term by women who search through dating profiles!Once you're introduced as your man's girlfriend, please don't take offensive if his brothers aren't the most forth coming toward you.There is something that is lacking in society but very present in the MC world and that's Respect.

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