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His past is colored with leading and helping others be a better person in a large corporate setting.

His present is the same, only in a more one-to-one format, and only being responsible for himself and not a corporate machine. I have been involved in helping others in a one-to-one format with oodles of years of personal training and nutrition consulting. We finally woke up and defined this partnership that resonates with us daily.

Truth man, people think they have way more agency on these things then they actually do.

I read this little thing years ago which made me realize that.

And what he taught me is this: You think it should matter, but it doesn’t.

I was semimadly in love with a woman who lived 800 miles away, in Minneapolis, and I’d heard a rumor that she had begun casually dating another man.

Hard to swallow pill: If she were as into you as you are into her, she would find a way to make time, even as busy as she is.

Time to find someone who is as willing to make you a priority as you are her. Some people may be busy and have time for relationships, but only at specific times during the week, and if someone else's schedule doesn't match up, they can't date them.

When I'm not writing about cheese or my 21-year love affair with Leonardo Di Caprio, I'm listening to The Beatles, watching Harry Potter reruns (I'm a proud Slytherin!

We don’t seem to fit the mold any more of what a marriage or relationship should be like.

We have evolved beyond that into a more spiritually sound partnership. When we discuss how, just last year, we were doing completely different types of work to earn a living, it’s uncanny that our paths have converged.

While dating was fun, our lives didn't really connect (honestly I couldn't stand hearing about classes and exams) and she had completely unreasonable expectations of what independent adult life should look like.

Talking with someone at roughly the same position as I am feels like a breath of fresh air.

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