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As of 2010, there have been five sub-models of the JEM: the JEM7, JEM77, JEM777, JEM555, JEM333, and JEM70V.

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Later numbered JEM10s going to the USA have their JEM10 plaque screwed onto the case, instead of riveted/glued on." There are 852 JEM10 guitars around the globe (210 of them are in the United States), and each guitar has its own serial number.

After the JEM series was launched at the NAMM show, Ibanez with Steve Vai began to design and produce the guitar actively.

Rich Lasner of Hoshino explained that Vai used a "Chinese menu approach" to design the guitar (i.e. The first design was by Vai, when he sent Hoshino his ideas from many different guitar features he liked and combined it into one guitar.

Vai also began to bring his Tom Anderson guitars on tour: "...

He built this for me after my old green monster, which I used out on the road last year until it died.

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