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I have several Kennedy's tool chests/rollers but have always liked the Gerstners but I am not willing to shell out what they want for one, especially since I'm handy and can build one myself.

Stashed away in the upstairs of my garage I have approximately 200 board feet of Black Cherry.

BTW, guess what it costs to belong to the "Gerstner Owners Club"?

Recently, my dad sold a property that he had all his wood working equipment stored.

Either that or they are not stained and are being left natural.

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On the inside of the bottom panel in big block letters, stamped in black ink it reads: "Built by H. provenance makes a major difference in the value of any antique. I can't imagine anyone actually buying one for a toolbox. SGW, I think you're right on about Gerstner leaning towards the collector's niche market. All of the specifics are as follows: It is an old black leather covered Gerstner oak tool box that measures 20" X 16" X 9-1/2".They are held on by two small phillips pan head screws on the top 1/2 and three on the botton 1/2, none countersunk. The top steel corner protectors are also held on by phillips head screws which are not counter sunk either. JC Hannum has emailied me that my box is a Model 42 and not #32 as I had originally thought.I’ve reformatted the manufacturer’s pages to make it a little easier for anybody to use, newbies included.First, review Pg 04 - USA Mfr’s to get familiar with who they were and when they were in business.

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