Dating geminicancer cusp man

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You have a fun, fresh way of socializing and love to dive into witty conversations and lively debates.Your gentle, caring demeanor allows you to be a comforter and advisor to friends and family, enriching your closest relationships with endless love and nurturing.This emotional blockage can make you moody and overly sensitive.

You'll feel relieved, supported, and truly centered.

Whether you're sharing interesting facts and witty anecdotes or letting a loved one cry on your shoulder, you're able to handle yourself gracefully in any social setting.

Others will continually choose to confide in you, and you are often known as the therapist of your group.

Moody, emotional, scatterbrained, selfish, depressive, self-destructive You love talking with others about their feelings and helping them through their emotional difficulties, but do you ever take your own advice?

You keep your own needs and desires very guarded and aren't keen on expressing yourself as often as you encourage others to.

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