Dating for autistic people

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In high school I was assigned to help this girl with her reading in my reading, writing, workshop class.

Love me for the person I am and I’ll do the same with you.

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Just because a person has autism doesn’t mean there is no desire for affection and intimacy.

To learn more about romantic relationships and autism, check out the upcoming film Autism In Love due to be released in 2014. Links Disclaimer: Autism Awareness Centre believes that education is the key to success in assisting individuals who have autism and related disorders.

So if we’re not looking at you right in the eyes when we are having a conversation, don’t think we’re trying to give you the cold shoulder.

Often a misconception is that people on the spectrum want to only date others who are on the spectrum. We just want to find someone we connect with and can be ourselves with.

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Autistic Dating is a completely free online dating and friendship site for people with autism or aspergers.When I started dating at 18 I had NO idea how to talk to people, let alone women.Many of the people I dated had good intents, but they may not have understood some of the quirks that people on the spectrum like me may have. Ten years later as a 28-year-old adult, I embrace affection.In a study done by Toronto’s Redpath Centre , just 32.1 percent of people with autism had had a partner and only 9 percent were married.This contrasts with the statistics of the general population where about 50 percent of adults are married.” Romantic relationships are not addressed in transitional support plans from childhood to adulthood.

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