Dating fender blues jr amps

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These were easily the most powerful amplifiers commercially produced back then.

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Fender Blues Junior Texas Red Features Celestion Vintage 30 speaker.The list of artists who've used a Fender guitar amp live or on record is enormous.It seems as if everyone has used them at some point, including Elvis, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Oasis, The Strokes, Radiohead and White Stripes, to name but a few.Firstly, even though there's no doubt that Fender amps were (as indeed still are) extremely well-made, older amps are bound to cause more problems than new ones - and without being covered by warranty!You'll see some big names such as Keith Richards, Joe Bonamassa or The Edge using vintage Fender amps onstage - but they can afford to, and it's no big deal to them.

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