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Cristina Kinon, TV critic for the New York Daily News, described the pair as "annoying" as she referred to them as "those after-show fools" in the tabloid on Tuesday. " wrote an editor on the Gawker Media site Jezebel (

"(They) really have no idea what they're doing and aren't funny at all ..." Kenin wrote, comparing them unfavourably to American MTV hosts. "Watching people trying to emulate Will and Grace is worse than having to actually watch `Will and Grace."' Some of those commenting on blogs didn't understand why the Canadian content was so heavy on the The After Show, criticizing the hosts for taking so many calls from Canada, while some longtime fans of the show said Levy, in particular, seemed nervous throughout the broadcast. "Last night's episode was shorter than usual with the crazies from The Hills: The After Show book-ending every commercial break to talk their nonsense," a post on the website read.

It was definitely a different show than what we do week to week, but their hearts were there for sure," Mc Innis said.

“I think that given the dark cloud we’ve all been under for the last year, it’s nice to be a part of something that brightens people’s days.” While as a showrunner he sounds pleased to hear about my crying—this was no single, mascara-blackened tear moment à la LC on Subscribe to FLARE Need to Know for smart, sassy, no-filter takes on everything you're interested in—including style, culture & current events, plus special offers—sent straight to your inbox each day.

Millions of Americans caught Dan Levy and Jessi Cruickshank, co-hosts of MTV Canada's The Hills: The After Show, for the first time Monday night as part of the season finale festivities for the wildly popular MTV reality show – and some of them weren't impressed.

In episode 6, which aired on February 27 on CBC, David’s super-sweet boyfriend, Patrick (Noah Reid) suggests that they host an open mic night at their shop, Rose Apothecary, to attract more local clients.

Whilst watching, I instantly predicted that David would be embarrassed by the idea and that I’d sit back and laugh at the beloved business partners-turned-boyfriends proceeding with marketing their artisanal goods to the townsfolk, business as usj. His acoustic performance of Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best,” coupled with David’s wordless reaction, had me in a puddle of tears.

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