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When we get back to Laney’s house, Suzanne and her unemployed boyfriend are already there. ” She responds: “No, we decided we weren’t really hungry.“Feeling the hairs standing up on the back of my neck, I grab a plate, and sit down to eat some chicken when not even 10 minutes later, unemployed boyfriend says, “Man, I’m hungry.” Suzanne’s response: “Just get some of the fried chicken.” COMPLETELY dumbfounded that she could be making this suggestion.Finally, she responds, “Well *I* can’t pay for this!Her roommate decides this is a marvelous idea, since she had just started dating a new (unemployed) guy, and that we should all four go to the movies, and then get dinner afterwards.As I had nothing better to do, I agreed to go, but was determined that I wasn’t going to get stuck fitting the bill.“Now, that would have been the end of it right there, except that I knew her Step Mother, and she truly was a wonderful woman, and I had been to their house a good number of times.I realized Laney’s father really *wasn’t* the type to do cakes and ice cream for the birthday, and that this would mean a lot to her. When we got into the car, I let loose on Laney, letting her know that if this *EVER* happened again, it would mean the end of our friendship.

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The movie ends, and as we’re walking back to the car, Suzanne announces that she’s feeling like Chinese.We decide on fried chicken, so we swing by a KFC and pick up a large bucket of chicken.At the time, I didn’t like to cook, so figured I’d get extra and eat it for dinner tomorrow as well.There’s plenty.” I finally lose it, and tell him not to touch it, or I’ll kill him.Neither he nor Suzanne are getting a bite of the chicken, because I’m not paying for their free ride to the movies AND their dinner when this whole thing was THEIR idea.

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