Cambridge dating uk fun

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Hi; I’ve tried Bumble and Tinder to meet new people and potentially find a partner (just going with the flow for now) but those apps tend to have a lot of people with whom I don’t tend to connect.

Party type, tons of drinking, very mainstream, think gaming is lame...

I've learnt quite a few things by doing this 😊I think the best thing to do is to go to events that include your hobby.

I know heffers have board game nights that might be a good play l place to find people with similar interests?

be compatible and then you have to deal with the usual hobbies, viewpoints, etc.

Granted, this is all coming from a 23 year old guy usually matching/dating around his age so maybe older guys on Tinder and Bumble are just completely different.

In my experience people mellow out with the partying and drinking in their mid-late 20s but TBH I'm new to the UK so it might just be a culture thing and I might be wrong.

The 20s Hot Spot does coffee evenings every Wednesday.

The Thirsties do walks on Sundays and loads of social meets.

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