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No problems with the bug, leaving in the ID is a fine workaround. This post is a brief but practical demonstration of validating an XML Document against Document Type Definition (DTD) and XML Schema Definition (XSD) files.Until this gets resolved, please keep the bogus ".dtd" system DTD.As you've already observed, anything that ends in ".dtd" will work. I was sure I was not understanding something fundamental regarding DOCTYPEs.Such validation is necessary to ensure that XML sent between both the client, and the server hosting an XML based Web Service, is received as expected.Both DTD and XSD allow you to define the elements and attributes, an XML document should contain.The only two implementation differences are:1) The module XML:: Lib XML:: Schema is used to both load and validate the XML file.2) The Running the script should give the output seen above.

Oxygen uses the ".dtd" suffix to determine which type of validator it should use.

Is there a way to validate an XML file against a DTD with Qt's XML handling?

I've tried googling around but can't seem to get a straight answer.

I can change the ".dtd" to anything as long as it has the ".dtd" (e.g. But if I change the ".dtd" to anything that does not include the ".dtd" (e.g.

"bogus") then Oxygen no longer validates my document through the DTD.

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