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Whatever type of music you like, there is bound to be a group set up specifically for it.

There is no limit to which groups you can join, so why not link up with some other like-minded Soundclouders who you may not already know?

) Plus, your friends will see that you took the time to favorite the mixes of theirs that you (hopefully) liked, making them more likely to return the favor down the road.

Once again, this all goes back to showing genuine interest in what other people are doing out there.

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As the company who promises to “move audio”, the service sounds like a lucrative bet for any budding musician.Personally I feel that if a DJ or producer can afford to spend money on new software, plug-ins, MP3’s, or vinyl, they should be able to swing the Lite or Solo accounts (about and 0 per year respectively).Want to know a surefire way to not gain any followers on Soundcloud?You need to say something interesting or insightful when you leave your two cents. Or, if someone has a question they left, respond to it. You don’t have to leave comments on everything you listen to, but remember that each one you leave creates a potential path back to your page.I cannot stress enough how important good design is when it comes to solidifying your identity on Soundcloud.

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