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Many (including lesbians and gays) believe that bisexuality does not exist as a unique identity.

They presume that they are physically attracted to the opposite sex and experimenting or having fun with the same gender people (3).

Moreover, bisexuals are covered under a relationship with the opposite sex, be it marriage or live-in, which makes it difficult to identify them.

In the past month or two, I'm a lot more up front about my sexuality 5.

Here, 10 women explain what coming out to their partner was like.1.

"I said, 'Hey, don't freak out or anything because I'm still just as in love with and committed to you as I've ever been, but...

Living in a world, which subscribes to the dichotomy of sexual orientation, it can be difficult for people who fall near the gray spectrum that is the center of the Kinsey scale. The main causes of bisexuality can be social factors, sex drive, prenatal hormones, brain structure, and chromosomes.

Often bisexuals are not sure about their sexual orientation as it is an ongoing process for them (2).

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