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Vincent Bach used the trade names of Stradivarius, Mercedes, Mercury, Minerva, and Apollo.For some reason, Vincent jumped around a little on serial numbers.The owner of #14xx reports that some parts are interchangeable with a 1940s Bach yet the bell and lead pipe inlet are different.#1029 showing the updated bell logo using a stamp - a much more economical solution than the hand engraving - most Bach style trumpets have this logo #1128 #1154 #1196 Citation #1277 Citation - likely with a replacement water key #1326 #1425 is said to have been purchased in 1948 #1524 in C #1667 #1739 One interesting comparison with Bach is in the valve section.

Orsi is said to have made marching band quality horns but that was probably what Fischer was looking for in their Academy models.

Some parts will interchange yet the Muck adds a dual-bore design with the bore expanding through the tuning slide.

The other changes are moving the slide brace forward , no lock nut on the main slide, different slide knobs, and different valve caps and buttons.

early trumpet is #21155 In 1936, Rudy Muck opens a factory and showroom at #125 East 126th Street in the Bronx with the plan to build trumpets as well as his already famous mouthpieces. The origin of Rudy's trumpets has many theories and each of the many different styles found have their own variations so this presentation will try to put them all together and make some sense of it.

1939 Catalog photos #135 with hand engraved bell logo - the only difference is the lack of the stop rod on the third slide #139 this one also has a hand engraved logo yet a little better done #157 this one lacks the stop rod on top of the third slide and the owner says there is no evidence that it ever had one #168 Bell from #30000 range #30004 - if this is a Blessing serial number then it dates to c.1937 Here is a comparison photo with the Muck on top and Blessing below.

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