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Retaliation against his pursuit of organized crime in Arizona is thought to be a motive in the murder. On October 25, 2008, the paper endorsed Arizona Senator John Mc Cain for president.

Historically, The Republic has tilted conservative editorially. In local elections, it has recently endorsed Democratic candidates such as former Arizona Governor, former Secretary of Homeland Security, and now President of the University of California Janet Napolitano and former Arizona Congressman Harry Mitchell.

The Phoenix Gazette was closed in 1997 and its staff merged with that of the Republic.

The Arizona Business Gazette is still published to this day.

Pulliam, who bought the two Gazettes as well as the Republic, ran all three newspapers until his death in 1975 at the age of 86.

A strong period of growth came under Pulliam, who imprinted the newspaper with his conservative brand of politics and his drive for civic leadership.

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Specialized content is also available in the local sections produced for many of the different cities and suburbs that make up the Phoenix metropolitan area.

In 2013, it dropped from the sixteenth daily newspaper in the United States to the twenty-first, by circulation.

Notable figures include Pulitzer-prize winning cartoonist Steve Benson, columnist Laurie Roberts, and Luis Manuel Ortiz, the only Hispanic member of the Arizona Journalism Hall of Fame.

Other staff include photojournalist Michael Schennum. An investigative reporter for the newspaper, Don Bolles, was the victim of a car bombing on June 2, 1976, dying eleven days afterward.

He had been lured to a meeting in Phoenix in the course of work on a story about corruption in local politics and business and the bomb detonated as he started his car to leave.

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