Autistic christian people dating

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When I realised this, it allowed me to begin making use of pre-written prayers, physical/gestural methods, and most of all silence in my private prayer time.

This has led to a deepening relationship with God that is unimpaired by disability.6. Fix any intermittent faults, flickering, or strobe effects quickly, because these can make people feel ill.7.

By the time the minister starts, I’m not capable of paying attention and it takes a while to be able to calm down and focus.

So, there is a lot of hard work for me to do before I can even start to join in with a worship service.

Help people discover what style of service suits them best (this will be different for different people).

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If the text shown is different from the words being spoken, it is important the speaker pauses to allow reading time.10.

Here are 17 tips on how churches can become more autism-friendly:1.

Respect individual differences so people can feel welcome however socially awkward.2.

Keep the volume of speakers to the lowest that is audible to all.

Sounds that are too loud can be physically painful.

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