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It’s a carefree meet-up that involves casual, perhaps even mundane tasks, like running errands together, swinging by a farmers' market, grabbing coffee or a pastry, or walking your dog.“Make your dates resemble real life,” says Dr. “Most of life as a couple consists of spending time doing ordinary things.So, make your dates ordinary events so you can get a feel for life with him or her.But keep in mind that just because someone isn’t a grade-A conversation partner right off the bat doesn’t mean they won’t open up eventually.Besides, if you both can survive the initial awkwardness, you’ll have something to LOL about later on.

But that’s not the only potential reason for this phenomenon: Dr.Once you’ve ruled out nerves and both of you have had a chance to lower your guards a bit, you’ll have an easier time determining if your lackluster discussions are shedding light on how little you have in common.But unless you’re pretty certain that you and your date just aren’t going to click, Dr.Wish notes that the more excited you are about your date and the higher your hopes for things working out, the more likely you are to feel anxious about it — which can negatively impact your ability to be yourself and be present in the conversation.“If you’re looking for ‘The One,’ your anxiety goes way up on that first date,” adds Dr. “You worry that you'll talk too much, say the wrong thing, spill something, get food caught in your teeth or that your date won’t be attracted to you.The greater your emotional investment, the higher the anxiety.”According to Dr.

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