Aniweather not updating

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I see people on it all the time when walking around a restaurant or other gathering place. I am not surprised it is a very good app, but I did not realize that many people knew about it.It is sad to see a family eating out when the husband and wife both either texting or posting/reading Facebook and ignoring the youngster(s). If you are interested check it out at the Play Store or email me and maybe I will do an article about it in the future.They do not have cable TV so every week a few days after the original broadcast of the show they would watch it at on their notebook. In my opinion you will not have to use Chromecast in the future. I believe that in the very near future you will only be able to purchase Smart TVs and they will already have wi-fi capabilities already built into them.

This is much better than watching from your small computer monitors like many people do now.Once you plug your Chromecast into your TV it has a small port on the other end to plug in the power cable.Most televisions will have a power port on the back, if not you can plug it directly into a wall socket.A dongle could also be utilized to allow you to plug one sized cable into another size, like converting an USB plug to a micro USB plug.The Chromecast is a small device measuring roughly 2.8" x 1.4" x 0.5" and looks a lot like a thumb-drive (another dongle type device). Chromecast is a digital media device which you plug into an HDMI port on your computer.

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