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We both realized that the whole reason why she had invited these guys over was that she could casually spend time with her old crush.At that point I figured the party was taking a turn we weren’t comfortable with so I walked up to Jane, pulled her to the side and essentially reminded her that she’s getting married next month.Initially I didn’t know who she was referring to but then it clicked.I knew that dude looked familiar but couldn’t put my finger on where from. Classic football star, philanderer, handsome and charming guy.Everyone's all "A WOULD RIDE AGAIN." Same for e Bay, Amazon, etc.Well, think of /r/relationship_advice comments as much the same, only inverted. Prior to now, moral judgment posts could already be removed under the general discussion topics and DAE rules, but we'd rather be explicit about it, so we're play-testing a new rule until at least August 6, 2019. My wife and I (M42) have been married for 2 years together for 15.Two things to always keep in mind: cynical/assholes, but combine both a one-sided account of what happened—your account—with each commenter's own potential history, grievances, etc., and the resulting brew is pretty dark, meaning that every post will get drenched in comments like "dump" and "lawyer up."The We've noticed a pretty substantial uptick in posts requesting moral judgment (i.e. If it works, we'll probably just extend it indefinitely. All this time we had either not decided to have kids or had problems getting pregnant.

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I’m torn between doing “the right thing” which would likely ruin a 20 year friendship or closing my eyes and looking the other way. We went to college together and had a typical “wild streak” during those years, filled with lots of debauchery. I am not married and still happily single, but Jane is engaged to be married to a great guy, let’s call him Robert.

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Since two or three times a week we end up removing a few threads on why everyone keeps suggesting breakups, rather than micromanage the community, we figured this post would be prudent: You know how every Uber rating is right on the verge of 5 stars unless something's particularly off?

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