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That means if the Department of Human Services receives a report of abuse, they must share it with law enforcement.

“Sometimes that doesn’t happen in other states,” said Murphy.

Policies on mandatory reporting “have been amended almost every legislative session since the 1970s,” Murphy noted.

Act civil When it comes to civil suits, Janci pointed to one factor that can make a big difference for lawyers.

According to Janci, Oregon is one of the few states that hold employers vicariously liable for intentional torts committed by their employees.

Attorneys for the girl who brought the other lawsuit, which did not allege prior knowledge of abuse, also pointed to the boy’s position of trust and authority. Without vicarious liability, lawsuits against organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs can be difficult to win, Janci said.

“You would have to have smoking gun evidence” to show the organization ignored a threat.

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