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During 1994, he also played the lead role of a burglar in ‘The Ref’ who takes a bickering married couples as a hostage and ends up helping them reconcile their differences.

During 1997, he also released his second album called ‘Lock n Load’ which featured his stand up skits and songs.

Adam Ferrara's Funny As Hell was released on DVD the same day and on the cover of the DVD appears also the comedian's fiance, Indie Acress Alex Tyler.

Adam Ferrara's Funny As Hell stand up comedy show is full of funny material of the comedian's perspective on family and relationships.

If you look at a group of people that had faith, it's got to be the Jews.

They followed Moses through the desert for 40 years with no map. No dinner, no movie -- just a quick sniff, 'Alright, let's go.' I don't think I'll ever meet the perfect woman.

There had to be one guy in the back, like, 'I don't think he knows where he's going.' I look to nature because I think the animals are smarter than we are. I might have to get me one of them mail order women.

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I know she's just trying to make things nice, so I do my part.After weeks of protest, Puerto Rico says goodbye to its leader, Ricardo Rosselló, Boris Johnson is invited to meet the Queen to officiate his new position as Britain's Prime Minister, food delivery apps including Amazon Flex and Door Dash consider integrating tip system to driver's minimum wage and drugs are found in snow globes Australia.Adam Ferrara's Funny As Hell stand up comedy special premiered on Comedy Central, on April 14, 2009.As soon as you lay down, that's when the most bizarre things start coming out of her mouth. My fondest childhood memory is I made out with my babysitter, Cathy. 'Goodnight, baby.' 'Do you think we were together in a past life? She stops in the middle of everything: 'We have to stop this.

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