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The depiction of Maharaja Ranjit Singh kneeling to Guru Nanak in homage may be considered auspicious.On the first variety, the obverse depicts Maharaja Ranjit Singh offering a flower, probably a lotus flower, to Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh religion, Sikhism.Anamika’s Whats App number: 91800296526 anjali’s Whats App number: 91998574302 Ami’s Whats App number: 91796858520 binita’s Whats App number: 91501458967 sujata’s Whats App number: 91785415899 lerry’s Whats App number: 1145263205 cristin’s Whats App number: 1998574125 jenifer’s Whats App number: 1456258790 selena’s Whats App number: 1521025896 esabela’s Whats App number: 1201456985 radha’s Whats App number: 1852145236 mishri’s Whats App number: 91965202563 kajal’s Whats App number: 91741025896 palak’s Whats App number: 91795632589 jeshri’s Whats App number: 91748965201 jinal’s Whats App number: 91969850254 pinali’s Whats App number: 9174152896301 reshma’s Whats App number: 91 896854710 gopi’s Whats App number: 91 96526321014 babita’s Whats App number: 91 857412059 Many girls from a different country are ready to give their numbers on the internet so they can make new friends from different languages and country.if you also one of them and looking for a girl or boy friend online for friendship and dating then you can join them on Whats App or Facebook. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

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The reverse has the usual Gobindshahi inscriptions in Persian (Zarb Lahore) and the fixed year date VS 1885 (1826).

On the second variety, the obverse depicts Maharaja Ranjit Singh offering a flower to Guru Nanak.

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